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Hi there, I'm Demetrice!
Hi there, I'm Demetrice!

Here's why I do what
I do.

I am a baby catcher, nipple latcher, and chaos coordinator! In other words, I’m a wife, mom, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Certified Nurse Midwife.  I’m currently pursuing my Doctor of Nursing with a Specialization in Educational Leadership, so you can throw crazy in there too 🙂

My husband, Trebor, and I are parents to 3 earthly children and 4 angel babies.  I’ve experienced almost every kind of pregnancy loss, which truly allows me to connect with my clients.  I’m committed to empowering Black and Brown mothers and their families through education. 

fun facts
about me!


I love to dance.  I go to wedding receptions just to dance all night.


I have a 200lb Old English Mastiff.


The Five Heartbeats is one of my all-time favorite movies!

My Story

When I walked into the hospital to have our first baby, I was only 25 weeks pregnant. It was July and my due date was not until October! I thought to myself, this can NOT be happening. “I’m a Labor & Delivery Nurse. I’m one month away from obtaining my Nurse Practitioner’s license. I went to all my prenatal visits. I ate well. I exercised. I did everything right. Why was this happening to me?”

I went on to give birth to our baby girl, Tristin, within 4 hours of arriving to the hospital. She weighed 1lb. 8oz. She lived for six weeks before passing away from Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). I was devastated and heartbroken.

By the time we had our next pregnancy, I’d had some serious talks with God and my husband. This time would be different. I went in for my weekly prenatal visit at 23 weeks, only to find out my cervix was dilating. I was diagnosed with incompetent cervix. This meant the weight of the baby had caused my cervix to dilate PAINLESSLY! I was immediately sent to labor and delivery for placement of an emergency cerclage. (This is kind of like a purse-string that holds the cervix together). After 6 weeks of being in the hospital, I was released home on strict bedrest- only allowed to go to the restroom and shower 5 minutes/day for the remainder of the pregnancy. By the grace of God, our baby girl, Trinity, was born at 40 weeks without complications. 

My next pregnancy progressed without any physical difficulties. I received my preventative cerclage at 12 weeks of pregnancy and went into labor on my own at 38 weeks, giving birth to our 3rd baby girl, Taelyn.

Prior to the birth of our son, we experienced 2 more losses- an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy resulting in the removal of my left Fallopian tube and in medical terms- a Missed AB @ 10 weeks. This is when there is no fetal heartbeat and the baby has died in utero. 

After much debate and prayer, my husband and I gave it another try. Despite a difficult pregnancy, I gave birth to our son, Trebor Jr, at 35 weeks of pregnancy.

As a Black woman, I’ve experienced just about every kind of pregnancy. As a Black, professional Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife, I am compelled and called to educate, empower, support, and advocate for other women throughout all stages of life from preconception to beyond menopause. I’m here to address racial disparities and bridge the gap between providers and clients.

I provide evidence-based courses, mentorship, partnership, support, and advocacy. Come be educated, empowered, supported, and loved.




"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.... I'm changing the things I cannot accept.


I discovered through my journey, there are some specific steps to take to go from being hopeless to becoming empowered. My #SUPER Power Hour framework has helped me, my girlfriends, and clients to take ownership of our health, wellness and pregnancy journey.


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